'The Biggest Loser: No Excuses' Winner Jeremy Britt PHOTOS

conda kim and jeremy before photos

Conda, Kim and Jeremy ...

The finale of the hit NBC weight loss show The Biggest Loser: No Excuses aired Tuesday May 2, marking the end of season thirteen.

Vying for the top prize of $250,000 were Kim Neilson, 38, of Roswell, Georgia and the brother-sister duo Condo Britt, 24, and Jeremy Britt, 22, of Rockford, Michigan.

Invited back to compete for the $100,000 second prize were the rest of the field with the exception of Mark Cornelison and Allen 'Buddy' Shuh who quit the show during Week 16 and Joe Messina who quit after Week 2.

The winner of the secondary prize was Mike Messina, 41, of Oakland, California.  His starting weight was 358.  He weighed 198 at the final weigh-in for a 160 pound weight loss, an amazing 44.69 percent of his total body weight.

The finale winner of $250K was Jeremy Britt.  His starting weight was 389.  At the finale he weighed 190 for a total weight loss of 199 pounds, a total percentage of 51.16 percent.

Show host Allison Sweeney lost some weight prior to the season and showcased the results on the cover of Shape magazine as seen in our gallery.

Check out before and after photos of the Top 3 competitors, a pic of the secondary prize winner and the bikini cover shot of Allison below:

Photos:  NBC-Biggest Loser, Shape