Britney Spears' New Co-Conservator, Fiance Jason Trawick

britney spears and jason trawick

Britney Spears' father Jamie Spears has asked a court to add fiance Jason Trawick as co-conservator over his future wife's day to day life, excluding finances.

L.A. probate attorney Jeffery S. Cohen said, "This is a very unusual situation, because generally you don't see conservatees get married.  This could be a sign that the couple's wedding is around the corner.  This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriage off on the right foot.  Obviously, her future husband needs to have a say in her well being.""

Jamie has held control over all of Britney's affairs since her 2008 public meltdown.  A conservator makes decisions over food, clothing, medical care and in the case of Britney, managing her considerable wealth.  Sources close to Spears say that she has "plenty" of freedom and this is all just a formality.

The conservatorship will not be lifted until solid medical evidence is presented to a judge indicating she is healthy enough to manager her own affairs.

Photo Credit: Nikki Nelson-WENN