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Francesca Hilton filed a petition on Tuesday in Los Angeles requesting an independent conservatorship be established to oversee the health and money interests of her mother Zsa Zsa Gabor.

The ailing iconic actress lives with her husband Frederic Von Anhalt in a mansion in Bel Air. Hilton and von Anhalt have been at odds for years.

Daughter Francesca’s attorney Kenneth W. Kossoff released this statement: “What Ms. Hilton is seeking here is for the court to make sure that Zsa Zsa’s best interests are not being sacrificed for the selfish interests of anyone involved in Zsa Zsa’s life.”

“Having the court supervise Zsa Zsa’s care and finances will serve to ensure that Zsa Zsa’s interests are being protected by whoever is in charge of her person and estate — whether Ms. Hilton, von Anhalt or an independent third party appointed by the court.”

Hilton filed the petition after learning that Gabor’s ninth husband took out a $700,000 loan and that there was a notice of default recorded against the Bel Air mansion in late February 2012 because he has not been paying Zsa Zsa’s mortgage payment.

Her lawyer claims, “It became clear to Francesca that if she did not seek to protect her mother, no one else would.”

On a personal level, Hilton recently told CNN last year, “He’s basically taken my mother away from me.”

Check out a vintage photo of mother and daughter as well as a recent photo of von Anhalt below:

Photos: WENN