Jonah Hill 'SNL' Opening Monologue VIDEO

jonah hill hosts snl

Jonah Hill of Moneyball fame was the guest host this week on Saturday Night Live.  He got some help during his opening monologue when Tom Hanks joined him on stage for a little pep talk.

He started with, "A lot of hosts say 'Hey, it's been a great year for me' but really, it's been a great year for me."

Hill lamented the fact that he was aced out for this year's Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor by Christopher Plummer.  But on the bright side he acknowledged, "Hey just being there was so amazing, plus my grandfather Billy Crystal was hosting."

This was followed by a humorous film clip showing some trumped up behind the scenes footage of Hill's week on the SNL set, after which he was joined by Hanks.

Check out his SNL video monologue below:

Photo:  WENN