Lindsay Lohan Hosts SNL: PHOTOS, VIDEOS

lindsay lohan snl

Lindsay Lohan returned last night to host Saturday Night Live after a five year absence.  Her comeback appearance sent Twitter into a bashing frenzy.

There was no shortage of material to draw from as Lilo poked fun at her own legal troubles.

The actress began her monologue by saying, "I want to thank all the people at SNL who trusted me to have me back."

While delivering the rest of her opening remarks there were a series of humorous moments that began with a flashing red light and siren. She remarked, "Wait, so the alarm goes off if I leave the stage?  I thought it was if I left the studio."

Then several ensemble cast members strolled on stage to greet her.  Keenan Thompson checked her pupils and Kristen Wiig frisked her.

Jimmy Fallon got a big laugh when he reassured Lohan not to worry about a thing because worst case, Jon Hamm was waiting in the wings to step in as host.

Lindsay played Rapunzel in a Real Housewives of Disney skit and had some fun with a Scared Straight spoof.

Check out the video clips below:

Photos:  WENN, Video Screen Grabs