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Justin Bieber and his legal team have issued a cease-and-desist warning to software developers Mark Kaye and Robb Chamberlain of RC3, Inc, creators of the iTunes app Joustin’ Beaver.

The game, with a five star rating so far, features a beaver who looks a little bit like the teen icon. Players must get the beaver to sign as many “otter-graphs” as possible while avoiding Phot-Hogs, pigs with cameras who work for TeaM Z.

The single-player arcade-style adventure hit the market in early February and can be downloaded to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android devices for $0.99 USD.

In a legal missive to RC3, Bieber’s camp threatened legal action unless the software company pulls the game from iTunes and other app stores. Chamberlain and Kaye have been ordered to provide a report of all profits that have been generated thus far.

Photos: WENN, Screen Grab