Russell Simmons Denies Being in Bathroom Stall with Mystery Model at Fashion Week Party

russell simmons caught in bathroom stall with model

Def Jam founder Russell Simmons was caught in a bathroom stall with a brunette model at a Fashion Week party Monday night in New York City, just weeks after breaking up with girlfriend Melissa George, according to an eyewitness.

Simmons was seen chatting up the models coming in and out of the unisex bathroom at Dream Downtown hotel's Electric Room, where the party was held.

“Russell was in the bathroom talking to the many models coming in and out. He left, and then he came back with this one brunette. He playfully led her into one of the bathroom stalls and closed the door,” says the source.

The witness says the hotel's bathroom attendant saw Simmons and the woman enter the stall together, and banged on the door, and told them, "One at a time."

The two emerged from the stall a minute later.  Shortly after, Simmons came back into the bathroom, made eye contact with the attendant and "pointedly put several bills in the tip jar."

Simmons denies the bathroom incident, telling Page Six through a rep, "The...account of last night sounds like a lot of fun, but it is absolutely, completely false."

Simmons and George split last month after about a year of dating.  Simmons confirmed the breakup yesterday, tweeting, “Long distance relationships are to say the least difficult. For me & Melissa a few weeks ago . . . We agreed impossible.”

photo: Bizu/WENN