Anderson Cooper and Katherine Heigl Were Child Models: PHOTOS

katherine heigl sits down with anderson cooper

Katherine Heigl sat down earlier this week with Anderson Cooper to do a taped interview that will air Wednesday on his daytime show Anderson.

The actress is making the rounds to promote her new flick One For the Money, in theaters now.

As an ice breaker, Cooper mentioned that they both got their start as child models in New York, doing print ad work for Macy's and Sears.

Heigl joked about posing, "Oh my god, it was brutal.  You even understand it, even when you're 9, you're like, 'This is silly and lame' and they're like, 'No, no, it's adorable, do it.'"

He showed a side by side image of the two working their outfits, "That's me wearing a Members Only jacket.  I'm rockin' that look."

Cooper also appears on the vintage television game show To Tell the Truth at age nine, dressed in a purple getup.

Check out their throwback modeling poses below:

Photos:  Anderson, Video Screen Grabs