Greg Kelly Accused of Rape, Son of NYPD Commissioner

greg kelly accused of sexual assault

Broadcast journalist Greg Kelly stands accused of raping a New York woman who came forward this week to report the alleged Oct. 2011 sexual assault.

Kelly, a former White House correspondent for FOX news, is the co-host of Good Day New York for WNYW-TV.  He is the 43-year-old son of New York Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.

The assault victim claims she met Greg Kelly on the street on Oct. 8.  They went for drinks at the South Street Seaport then proceeded to her place of employment, a Lower Manhattan law office.  She claims he attacked her while she was incapacitated and further alleges that she conceived a child during the encounter and has since ended the pregnancy.

The unidentified woman, who has been characterized as a "credible professional person", phoned her attacker and demanded, "What did you do to me."

She later reported the incident to her boyfriend, who approached NYPD Commissioner Kelly at a public event near the end of the year.  The police official suggested that they write up the incident in a letter and send it to him.  It remains unclear if they ever followed through in this regard.

The alleged rape victim walked into the 13th Precinct Tuesday night and told her story to a police investigator.  Due to a possible conflict of interest, the New York County District Attorney's office has taken control of the report and is conducting an investigation.

A lawyer for the accused journalist denies any wrongdoing on the part of his client and has turned over text messages that they believe will prove that the encounter was consensual.

Greg Kelly, a Marine Corps veteran and lieutenant colonel in the reserves, had the White House beat from 2005 to 2007, and also covered the Iraq War and the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Check out a father-son photos and a video report below:

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