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The Railroad Revival Tour featuring Willie Nelson will not kick off an eight-stop venue based on a cancellation notice posted on the show website.

A cross-country gig in vintage train cars was to have started on Oct. 20 in Duluth, Georgia and would have concluded Oct. 28 in Oakland, California.

During the trip the bands were to eat, sleep and engage in impromptu jam sessions aboard the train between stops, giving Nelson, Jamey Johnson, Band of Horses and John C. Reilly and Friends a chance to collaborate in preparation for their nightly on stage performances.

Organizers posted this statement:

“It is with extreme regret that we announce the cancellation of the 2012 Railroad Revival Tour. The decision to do so was a difficult one, but it was determined that certain complications would not permit us to host the shows in the manner intended, and that the bands and fans deserved.”

“Railroad Revival Tour will be giving ticket holders a full refund. These will be processed by October 21, 2012. We hope fans will take the opportunity to see these acts in other venues. Thank you.”

Photos: Facebook-Willie Nelson