Thanksgiving Mission: Kim Kardashian and Kirk Douglas Serve Homeless (PHOTOS)

mission work for hollywood celebrities

A group of celebrities volunteered on Wednesday to serve up a Thanksgiving meal to the homeless on behalf of the Los Angeles Mission.

Among those who helped to distribute the pre-holiday dinner were veteran actor Kirk Douglas, Blair Underwood, reality star Kim Kardashian and actresses Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

If you were inclined to think that the aging Douglas was merely there for the photo op ... think again.  Note the latex gloves on his hands.  After the camera crew finished documenting the event, he was dishing food like the pro that he is.  The actor and his wife Anne have been serving it up at the L.A. Mission for years.  By the way -- he's 94.

Kim K. hit Twitter to encourage others to pay it forward, "We fed so many today.  Every one of us can do something small that will make a huge difference to someone else."

The Los Angeles Mission has provided shelter, food, clothing, medical and dental services for 75 years.

Check out more photos below:

Photos:  FayesVision-WENN