Jack Wagner Reveals Reason For Heather Lockler Split

heather locklear and jack wagner split

Last week it was announced that Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear had called off their engagement and ended their relationship.

The Hollywood couple began dating in 2007 with a brief split earlier this year.  Jack hooked up with TMZ and filled them in on the breakup details.

Apparently planning the wedding became so all-consuming, it resulted in little or no time to spend with their children and that was bugging both of them.

To make matters worse, he and Heather came to the conclusion that a blended family was not a good idea and would be too disruptive to the marriage.

Wagner has twin sons Peter and Harrison, 21.  Heather has a 14-year-old daughter Ava, who is an aspiring model and has a cameo role in an upcoming film.

Their situation had become one where he spent his spare time with his kids while she hung with her only child.  This left no time for them to work on their relationship and it suffered to the point of a split.

Can they rekindle their love?  Jack claims they still love each other and have kept in touch.  Sounds like friendship ...

In related news, Richie Sambora and Denise Richards are dating once again.  The rocker is Locklear's ex and the father of daughter Ava.  Denise was once Heather's best friend but the two parted ways the first time Richards hooked up with the Bon Jovi guitarist.

Photo Credit:  WENN