Erik Estrada Adjusts His Wig During an Interview: VIDEO

erik estrada wig photo

Former CHIPs star Erik Estrada took his turn on the red carpet at the 2011 Latin Grammys and then things got a little wacky.

A reporter from Univision decided to chat it up with the actor, speaking to him in his native tongue.

He gushed a little about how "nice" his tuxedo looked.  On the subject of how he prepared for the event, he told her that he changed his hair color, and then the 62-year-old started to tug on his hairpiece with both hands.

The host exclaimed, "No, don't do that to your wig!"  Estrada said, "Ha, ha, I do it to scare people."

You don't need to understand Spanish to appreciate the antics.  Check out the video below:

Photo Credit: Video Screen Grab