Scott Pelley Replacing Katie Couric: CBS Evening News

scott pelley to replace katie couric

Just one day after news leaked that Katie Couric will soon be announcing her departure from the CBS Evening News, her replacement has been revealed to be veteran journalist and 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley.

CBS News Chairman Jeff Fager came on board in February with the understanding that he would be the one to decide who replaces Couric.  Fager was reportedly drawn to Pelley because he is well liked and respected by his bosses and viewers.

Prior to joining 60 Minutes in 1999, Pelley was CBS News Chief White House correspondent for two years, covering the investigation of Bill Clinton and reporting on location during presidential trips to South American, Africa, China and Europe.

He has also covered some of the biggest domestic stories including the Oklahoma City bombing and trial of Timothy McVeigh, the bombing of the World Trade Center, hurricanes, numerous presidential campaigns and the Branch Davidian raid in Waco, Texas.

The handwriting was already on the wall for Couric well before the new chairman arrived.  She accepted the fact that her five year stint was going to be the coming to an end.

CBS has reportedly offered her a syndicated talk show that will be a win-win for everyone involved.  Let's face it -- there are a great many Katie fans who are thrilled at the prospect of seeing her back in her true element.