DWTS Recap: Maks and Kirstie Alley Rumba Fall (VIDEO)

maks turned out to be the fall guy but the judges came through

The Dancing with the Stars celebrities told their personal stories through their dance moves on Monday night.  The shocking moment of the evening turned out to be an unexpected fall by one of the strongest dance pro's on the hit reality show.

Moving to the opening strains of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Maksim Chmerkovskiy glided Kirstie Alley across the dance floor in a graceful one leg pose.  As he shifted her weight to his thigh, his leg gave out and they collapsed to the floor.

The pair quickly scrambled to their feet and Kirstie attempted to jump right back into the dance but he tested his leg, held up a finger as a signal to wait, and then elegantly raised his arm and took her back into his arms in a very impressive show of control and style.

The rest of the dance flowed well and the couple clung to each other in an emotional embrace after they were finished.

Tom Bergerson asked: "That song is about coming back after what life throws at you and it looks like you had a bit of a challenge there."  Maks replied: "My thigh just gave out.  I'm sorry, so sorry.  It wasn't Kirstie's fault."

The judges didn't hold it against the popular dance pair and gifted them with three 7's for a safe 21 -- leaving them in a tie for fourth place on the leaderboard.

Maks tweeted: "To all the fans...I'm sorry!  It will never happen again and I will never fall!  To @kirstiealley You were...FLAWLESS! In more ways than one!"

Kirstie told her Twitter fans: "Party girl?  not so much tonight...BUT I did get a tattoo and I love it...and I had fun...in the end this turned into a magical night...xoxo"

The tattoo has been in the works for days -- see photos and video from the tattoo parlor here.

Check out their Rumba fall on the video below and hear what Maks had to say on GMA this morning: