Lady Gaga: Adam Lambert Kicked Out of Her Birthday Bash

lady gaga and adam lambert

Friends of Lady Gaga threw her a 25th birthday bash at Mexican restaurant La Cita Bar in Los Angeles.  Former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert got out of control and caused a scene that got him booted by security.

Adam wasn't even on the guest list for Gaga's affair but managed to get in on the coattails of the music group Scissor Sisters.  Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton said during a radio gig on Morning Dish: "Adam showed up beyond drunk.  Super sloppy embarrassingly drunk."

Word is that Lambert was doing a bit of fist pumping and with the low ceilings in the bar, he actually punched a hole right through it.

Onlookers said that not only was he jumping from table to table, but that when the birthday girl's cake came out he tried to smear it in her face.  If that's not bad enough, there was a doll on the cake that he tried to shove into the entertainer's mouth.

That was apparently the last straw for the songstress.  Gaga instructed her security team to show the rowdy party crasher the door.

A few days after the birthday party Adam penned a few lines about it on his Twitter page:

adam lambert drunk

How does one apologize to Lady Gaga?  Our guess is that flowers and a card just won't cut it.   Camp Lambert has thus far not responded to press inquiries.

Photo Credit: WENN / Judy Eddy