Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 5-Year-Old Nephew is an NCAA Bracket Genius!


Elisabeth Hasselbeck's 5-year-old nephew, Henry Hasselbeck, is becoming well-known in his own right -- for his NCAA tournament bracket picks.  Henry is the son of Matthew Hasselbeck, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks.

Out of 5.9 million bracket entries on ESPN.com, Henry's bracket is ranked an impressive 103, which puts him in the top 1 percent of all entries.

The tot made his bracket choices based mostly on mascots he liked. All of his Final Four picks --Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Florida, are still in the running.  He picked Kansas because that's where former Seahawks long snapper J.P. Darche is at medical school, and his boys were wearing Jayhawks paraphernalia when they came to visit.  He chose the Kentucky Wildcats because that's the sports mascot name in the "High School Musical" movies.

He has Duke Blue Devils in the title game because that's where his best friend's mother went to college.  And he picked Florida as the national champion because he likes alligators.