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Lohan claims to have opted for a more conservative look today …

Lindsay Lohan had another date with the court system this morning. Wearing a low-cut black top that revealed a great deal of cleavage, she sat attentively beside her lawyer while Judge Keith Schwartz outlined what she can expect if she takes a plea deal.

Much was made of the form-fitting white dress that Lindsay wore during her last court hearing. The actress told friends that she was going for a more conservative look today – white dress photos here.

The Superior Court judge, who has been led to believe that Lilo is leaning toward a plea bargain, wanted her to understand a few things: “If you plead in front of me, if this case is resolved in front of me, you are going to go to jail. Period.”

His Honor established a March 10 deadline for Lohan to decide whether she will take the deal presented behind closed doors in the judges chambers by the L.A. District Attorney. If she refuses to accept the plea with jail time, she will appear before a new judge.

According to Schwartz, the new judge could jail her on the spot for violating her DUI probation while she awaits a trial date on the felony grand theft charge. A jail term, if she is found guilty at trial, could far exceed what the plea deal is offering.

It would seem that Lindsay is currently between a rock and a hard place. Both of her parents and her brother were in the courtroom.

Check out today’s courtroom drama in photos and video below:

Photos: The Media Circuit – WENN