Celebrity Tweets Weekend Edition January 30, 2011

paris hilton photo

Paris Hilton: "Strike a Pose ;)"  (photo above)

Kellie Pickler: "I will walk to my final destination before I go through one of those damn tsa scanners.  Privacy please."

Jesse James: "Life doesn't run away from nobody.  Life runs at people."

Conan O'Brien: "First there was Kermit, then Cookie Monster, and now Steven Tyler.  Thanks, Jim Henson!"

Kelly Osbourne: "I can't stand it when people are working out while watching the food network it drives me nucking futs!"

Sarah Silverman: "If I was a woman I'd  sit around & play with my boobs all day."

Lindsay Lohan: "Hate when I record a show, then I don't have the episode that follows it!  Then again, if that's my biggest problem...life's great!"

ellen degeneres cheesehead photo

Ellen DeGeneres: "We're ready for next Sunday." (photo above)

Heather McDonald: "If your a porn star & have not partied with Charlie Sheen then you really haven't made it in the business."

Lisa Lampanelli: "Tampa mom kills son, daughter for being "mouthy." How are these mentally ill parents allowed to keep their kids?  No offense Dina Lohan!"

Photo Credit: Paris Hilton and Ellen DeGeneres Twitter