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Suggestive poses …

Washington Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack has found herself in the middle of a scandal involving some lurid party photos that were taken at a 2006 fundraiser thrown by Edra Blixseth.

The photos show Mack, widow of the late Sonny Bono, with her head thrown back as Blixseth licks her partially exposed breast. Others at the event reported that Mary was “partying hard” and “was blitzed and clearly having a great time.”

The California lawmaker represents the 45th congressional district and sits on the powerful Committee on Energy and Commerce. She married fellow Congressman Connie Mack in 2007.

Blixseth donated $1,500 to Bono’s 2006 congressional campaign and served a a finance committee member. She and her ex-husband, actor Jack Scalia, defaulted on a massive loan and are being sued by investors of a millionaires-only private ski and golf resort in Montana. She has filed for bankruptcy.

Check out the photos and what the Young Turks have to say on the subject in the video below:

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