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Isabelle Caro 1982-2010

French model Isabelle Caro became well-known after appearing in a controversial ad campaign “No Anorexia”, showcasing her emaciated nude body. Large billboards featured the startling shock ads.

The 28-year-old model died on November 17, 2010 and her family came forward on December 29, 2010 to reveal the tragic news. She had battled the disorder from the age of 13. Her weight was as low as 55 lbs in 2006 when she slipped into a coma that doctors said she would not survive. She pulled through and continued to work despite her appallingly fragile state.

Caro died in Tokyo, Japan last month after spending two weeks in a hospital for an acute respiratory disorder.

Jessica Simpson interviewed Caro for her reality show The Price of Beauty in early 2010 – check out the video and a gallery of graphic photos below:

Photos: WENN