Miley Cyrus Nude Photos Surface

Let's start right off by saying there is not 100% proof that the nude photos that have recently hit the internet are in fact Miley Cyrus.  The singer turned 18 just a few weeks ago and as expected, the floodgate has opened and naked pictures are surfacing along with claims that they are the former Disney star.

A site called 4Chan has posted "alleged" photos of Miley that were reportedly taken at the Westin Palace Hotel.  The singer did stay at the Westin earlier in the month after the MTV Video Music Awards.

The entertainer had her purse stolen recently and her phone was in her bag.  Check out Pop Crunch for the four photos that were supposedly on the camera, three of which show her clothed.

Personally we think the photos taken at the MTV European Music Awards were more entertaining.

Cyrus was featured in the Rock Mafia video for "The Big Bang".   If there was any lingering doubt that the songstress is all grown up--that has definitely gone by the wayside.  See for yourself below:

Photo Credit:  Getty Images