Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery: Then and Now PHOTOS

pam suddenly looks different

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery - Recent Photos

Pamela Anderson looks like she has had some work done, as evidenced by recent photos of the blonde sex symbol.  She has been making the rounds in London to promote her short film The Commuter. This week's red carpet photos give her a shiny new Barbie doll look.

Dare we suggest that her skin looks suddenly tighter, giving the 43-year-old bombshell a more wide-eyed and youthful appearance.  Anderson was looking dragged out and tired...but not any more thanks to the miracles of modern medicine.

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Check out our Pamela gallery below and do let us know what you think.  Are we looking at Juvederm, Botox, an eyelift, or a full facelift?

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Photos:  WENN; Getty Images-PicApp