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FOX Sports provided a huge scoop during their FOX NFL pregame show on Sunday, October 24. They reported that Brett Favre told the NFL Security investigator last Tuesday that he sent voicemail messages to former Jets employee Jenn Sterger.

The sticking point in the investigation is that the future Hall of Famer denies sending her lewd photos.

Sterger, who has yet to speak to NFL officials or make a media statement, has lawyered up and is looking at all of her options. Her manager Phil Reese denied reports that a financial settlement with Favre would buy her silence.


Reese said: “Jenn’s willingness to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation is not for sale. This decision is ultimately Jenn’s to make, and hers only.”

Favre’s wife Deanna Favre appeared on Good Morning America Friday and fielded some pointed questions.


Check out the video report below:

Video: Glazer’s Edge: Favre Speaks

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