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The 33 rescued Chilean miners gathered for a group photo, many in hospital garb and the majority still sporting their Oakley sunglasses. The expensive and fashionable gift from the exclusive eyewear company was deemed essential to protect their eyes after the months underground.

The $180 Oakley Radar wraparound sunshades will provide protection while their fragile retinas become adjusted to the bright Chilean sunlight and normal vision is restored. Eye specialists cautioned that the men could suffer permanent vision issues without the added protection.

Featured in the center of the group photo, surrounded by the 33 grateful miners, was President Sebastian Pinera. He revealed to reporters that when the men are well, they will compete in a football match against their rescuers. He joked: “The winners will get the presidential palace and the losers will have to go back into the mine.”

The miners have agreed to band together to tell their story as a group for a price — $20 million. They admit they were not always a brotherhood, with fistfights below ground common place – as reported in the video below: