Favorite Celebrity Tweets Sunday October 10, 2010


Demi Moore: "Trying out the new Mercedes Hybrid-love that they are going green with style" (photo above)

Travis Barker: "RIP Solomon Burke. 1 of the greatest.  I was lucky enough 2 have him sing at my wedding.  He made amazing music and was such amazing person/man."

Chunk Handler: "I don't think all dogs should go to heaven...some dogs are assholes."

Justin Bieber: "Oh and a heads up...got to see a rough cut of my lil sis Willow Smith's video for WHIP MY HAIR.  It's CRAZY!!  She is killin em! GET READY!"


Jimmy Kimmel: "a guy next to me driving while reading a book...Oprah would be both delighted and furious." (photo above)

Kim Kardashian: "The drama tonight's Keeping Up With the Kardashian's is out of control!  My mom is crazy!"

Jenny McCarthy: "Holy shitballs!!  I just found out that Love, Lust and Faking It is #4 on the New York Times list.  Thanks so much everyone.  Whoop, whoop!"

Hugh Hefner: "It's nice to see so much support for the Playboy editor arrested in Indonesia."

Danny Masterson: "If bill belladouche wasn't already the biggest douche in football he must be unquestioned now.....j-e-t-s jetsjetsjets."