James Franco Covers Candy Magazine in Drag (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

james franco covers candy as a cross dresser

With his hair slicked back, wearing bright blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and holding a cigarette, James Franco graces the cover of Candy magazine.

Candy professes to be "dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny in all its manifestations."   The cover shown above is the publications second issue.

Franco is known for his activism.  In the 2008 film Milk, he played the gay lover of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in California.

The actor is no stranger to being featured in alternative lifestyle magazines.  He recently appeared on the cover of The Advocate and expressed that people can think what they want about him.

He acknowledges: "Everyone thinks I'm a stoner, and some people think I'm gay because I've played these gay roles. That's what people think, but it's not true. I don't smoke pot. I'm not gay. But on another level, there's something in me that is able to play roles like that in a way that's convincing."

The photo shoot was done by famed fashion photographer Terry Richardson.  They may not show Franco as the most beautiful woman, but wow those eyebrows are incredible.

Check out a side-by-side comparison photo as well as the video coverage below:

james franco now and then

Another actor who convincingly played a transvestite model was Jude Law in Rage.