Our Favorite Celebrity Tweets October 3, 2010

Pink: "Fun day in Venice Beach with my baby, gelato, riding bicycles and giving the paparazzi the bird." (Oct.1st)

Lady Gaga: "Today THE FAME spends its 100th consecutive week on Billboard.  I wrote it myself + sang it live every night.  Thank u for believing lil monsters." (Oct. 2nd)

Ryan Seacrest: "Just wrapped idol auds for the day back at it tomorrow then back to LA...one of our best days today.  Steven Tyler is hysterical! love him." (Oct. 2nd)

Justin Bieber: "RANDOM CHUCK NORRIS MOMENT: Chuck Norris once stared at the sun for hours...the sun then blinked." (Oct. 1st)

Katy Perry: "What should I have for lunch...Beer?  Time to bust out  my wench dress.  God knows I have the rack for it. #Oktoberfest" (Oct. 2nd)

chris brown

Chris Brown: "I'm on some blue shit I'm chuckin my deuces up!" (Oct. 3rd)

Paris Hilton: "Oops.  I dropped my blackberry in the bath. :(  If you need to reach me text my sisters phone.  Love Paris xoxo" (Oct. 2nd)

Kim Kardashian: "For anyone that has been bullied.  Turn their hate into motivation! MOTTO - Your hate in me brought out the great in me!" (Oct. 2nd)

Tony Fly: "Only screamed once like a girl.  The other 3 times I screamed like a man. #frightmares." (Oct. 2nd)

John Stamos: " highest compliments when jamie lee thinks I should play her dad in tv movie - he was one of my heroes - RIP tony curtis." (Sept. 30)

Photo Credit: Reuters