Tiger Woods Brother Speaks Out: Earl Woods Jr Interview (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

earl woods jr speak out about his brother tiger woods

Who knew?  Tiger Woods has a brother Earl Woods Jr., 55, who lives in Phoenix and sat down for an interview with KSAZ FOX 10 earlier this week.  Tiger's half-brother is the father of talented amateur golfer Cheyenne Woods, 20, who plays competitive golf for Wake Forest and plans to turn pro after graduation.

There is definitely a family resemblance between Earl Jr. and his brother.  They have the same eyes and their voices are very similar.

The elder bro didn't pull any punches in describing the events of the last year and what it has done to the career of the #1 golfer on the planet.  He even went so far as to speculate on what their dad, Earl Woods Sr.  might have to say on the subject.

Earl Jr. said: "I think my dad would be very disappointed with him.  He would probably want to know how he's going to fix it.  You're grown enough to get into this mess; how are you going to repair it?"

Tiger's brother acknowledges: "He got caught up in being human.  It cost him a family.  He'll never have the same relationship with his kids.  There's always a possibility that Elin will go back to Sweden.  That distance with the kids will tear him up."

On a positive note, the elder Woods made a prediction: "Once the dust settles, he'll start being productive.  Once he gets back on track, he'll be right back to were he was, if not better."

Check out family photos and the full interview below: