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Move over Tickle Me Elmo, you’ve got some serious competition coming your way in the form of a Justin Bieber doll. It was only a matter of time before someone realized how much money there was to be made with the creation of a Bieber doll line.

Bieber dolls will be released in early December and are guaranteed to be one of the most popular Christmas items. The line will include dolls that sing as well as dolls that come equipped with microphones and musical instruments.

Two of the dolls will play 30-second clips of Baby or One Less Lonely Girl, and three of the collector items feature the singer in different fashion styles that he has actually worn during previous performances.

So how do you get your hands on this hot item? The dolls are available for pre-order at Toys-R-Us’ official website, but move fast because “Bieber Fever” is no joke, and it’s expected that they will fly off the shelves. You can check out the entire line HERE.

Bieber has come a long way from his YouTube days.

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