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Utah police are investigating the stars of TLC’s new reality show Sister Wives for possible charges of felony bigamy.

The show, which premiered Sunday, is billed as a real-life, day-to-day portrayal of a family whose members refer to themselves as polygamists. It features Kody Brown and his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn. Brown and the wives now have 13 children between them.

Police in Lehi, Utah say that publicity following the show’s announcement prompted the investigation. Bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utah but is rarely investigated.

“At the conclusion of the investigation, the evidence will be forwarded to the Utah County Attorney’s Office for review and possible prosecution,” says Lt. Darren Paul.

In spite of the fact that the Utah State Constitution reads, “Polygamous and plural marriages are forever prohibited,” the Browns do not seem concerned about flaunting their lifestyle.

“If we raise productive, contributing members of society who are moral and ethical, that’s our final goal, whatever their path is,” says Janelle, 40, who has six children with Kody.

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