Kim Kardashian 'Tweets' Sexy Oktoberfest Pose (PHOTOS)

kim takes in oktoberfest

Kim Kardashian has been doing Europe for the past few weeks.  She 'tweeted' the above Twitpic showing her all dressed up to take in some Oktoberfest activities in Germany, and quipped: "Off to Oktoberfest in my new drindle."

Kardashian has previously shared some demure poses taken while standing in front of the Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece - Mona Lisa at The Lourve.

We were even treated to a picture of the reality show celeb on a golf course practice putting green while sporting four-inch heels.  Most greenskeepers would be livid with rage over that one Kim K.

Check out that photo below:

Photos:  Twitter Kim Kardashian; WENN