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Nadya Suleman aka Octomom will soon be on the welfare rolls. She has fallen hopelessly behind on her house payments and the mortgage holder has initiated foreclosure proceedings..

The mother of many narrowly escaped foreclosure in April, when a balloon payment was due on the home that her father purchased for her shortly after the eight babies joined Suleman and her other six children. She was given an extension until October, with the stipulation that she remain current with the monthly mortgage payments. She has fallen behind again with no way out.

The mother of 14 has been paying nannies to help her care for the kids. Her initial money making scene was to have the family take part in a reality show. That deal is no longer on the table. She wrote a book but couldn’t find a publisher.

Nadya turned down an XXX-rated contract with Vivid Entertainment in March but did rock a red bikini for Star magazine.

According to our friends at TMZ, the adult entertainment offer is back on the table. Vivid has given Suleman a deadline of October 9th to sign a deal worth $500,000 to star in a one-hour video.

Perhaps under the circumstances, Octomom will have a change of heart. That significant chunk of change would pay off the mortgage. Coincidence? We think not…

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