Taylor Swift 2010 VMA Performance: A Song About Kanye West

taylor croons about kanye at 2010 vmas

Taylor Swift once remarked that if she has spent more than 10 minutes with someone, she will eventually write a song about it.   Turns out she wasn't kidding...

She has penned Innocent, a tune about the Kanye West incident that went down during her acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

The 20-year-old songstress, who was named 2009 CMA Entertainer of the Year, unveiled the new tune on stage tonight.

The lyrics included: "32 and still growing up now... you're still an innocent.  Some things you can't speak of but tonight you live it all again.  You have new Septembers.  Everyone of us has messed up too.  It's all right, just wait and see.  Your string of lights is still bright to me.  You're still an innocent."

As Taylor walked off the stage she received a standing ovation.  Her new album Speak Now is set to drop on October 25.  It was announced tonight that the new song IS part of the playlist.

Kanye wrote and performed his own song about the incident later in the show.

Hosting the event will be comedian and Playboy poser Chelsea Handler.

Check out Taylor's 2010 performance and the  2009 incident on video below:

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