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Devon James gained notoriety as a mistress of pro golfer Tiger Woods after sharing the details of her romantic trysts via a call-in to a popular Florida radio show. The busy porn star and escort was also employed at the Bunny Ranch in Carson City and has been fired for breaking the client privacy rules.

Ranch owner Dennis Hoff has confirmed that James was indeed employed by him in the role of a “sex worker.” Hoff let her go because she “broke the code – which is privacy and discretion with all clients.”

It would seem that Dennis doesn’t have anything good to say about Devon, “She is a disgusting excuse for a working girl…she’s a scumbag and a snitch.”

Hoff explained that while James worked for him her rate was negotiable and could bring in thousands of dollars per sexual interlude.

Dennis said: “Now that she doesn’t work here anymore…I wish nothing but the worst for her.”

Devon’s rep claims she only worked at the Bunny Ranch one time and that it was prior to the “Tiger Woods thing”. He also added that Dennis Hoff has repeatedly made contact with James to return to work at the ranch.

James also claimed that Woods was the father of her 9-year-old son but the courts shut down her paternity suit last month. Things are definitely not going well for the ‘working girl’.

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