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Amid rumors that Ashton Kutcher has been unfaithful to Demi Moore, the couple decided the best way to show their solidarity was to post a photo on Twitter that she captioned: “Hubby and I standing tall!”

The twitpic is a large and looming apparition that shows off @aplusk’s tiny little pin head to perfection.

Demi is responsible for the start of an influx of bikini pics to be flaunted on Twitter. She threw down the gauntlet with a couple of hot poses late last week. Before the dust had settled Lisa Rinna jumped on the bandwagon and declared that she was “Doin the Demi”.

This morning we discover that Perez Hilton also stripped down to his BVDs to pay homage. Hey, wait…weren’t they feuding over the whole Tallulah debacle?


Photo: Twitter Courtesy @mrskutcher; inset WENN