Our Favorite Celebrity Tweets August 30, 2010

Diddy: "DREAM! BELIEVE! DO! REPEAT! Start your week off right."

Kat Von D: "SONG OF THE DAY: "Untrust Us" by Crystal Castles."

Julianne Hough: "Goooooooooood Morning!  First day of shooting.  Good luck to everyone today!  Let's kick some butt!!!"

Samantha Ronson: "Can't believe I just got to work and had the wrong purse, instead I found a bag of...Well, u know."

Joel Madden: "Thanks to everyone in Melbourne & in OZ for the friendly welcome.  Feels like home.  Now it's time for me to party like it's your birthday."

Brooke Burke: "great night at the Emmy's!  we're off to bed.  Of course in my Chopard diamonds...before they go back :("

Kelly Osbourne: "I am literally weeing myself watching Spin Crowd."

Chris Daughtry: "Oh snap!  Good things are happening :)"

Pete Wentz: "Hesitate and you miss your moment.  Your brain allows itself to filter your mouth."

Joan Rivers: "I just saw Julia Roberts in the new movie, "Eat, Pray, Love."  Now I want to see Kirstie Alley's version, "Eat, Pray, Eat Again"  It's rated XXX-L."

Photo Credit: Newscom/PicApp