'Queer As Folk' Star Hal Sparks Performs CPR at LAX

Comedian Hal Sparks, who starred on "Queer As Folk," may have saved the life of a man at Los Angeles International Airport last night.

Sparks performed CPR on a man between the age of 60 and 70 who collapsed in the Delta terminal around 11 p.m Wednesday night.

According to witnesses, Sparks rushed to the man's aid and administered mouth-to-mouth while a woman performed chest compressions.

Hal tweeted  about the incident, saying, "Just did CPR for the 3rd time in my life. What a night ... When they took him away he was breathing on his own ... Hope he makes it."

Hal later added, "Everybody NEEDS to take a CPR class. Out of 200 people only 2 of us new CPR ... okay enough preaching ... I need a nap."