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Former Sports Illustrated ‘Confessions of a Cowgirl’ columnist, model, and sports reporter Jenn Sterger claims that NFL quarterback Brett Favre sent photos of his private parts to her cell phone on several different occasions.

The alleged incidents occurred when they were both associated with the New York Jets. The 26-year old told the website Deadspin that it all started when they were flirting with each other. He reportedly was interested in her but she knew he was married and didn’t want to lose her job as a sideline reporter, so she didn’t intentionally lead him on.

Favre would reportedly leave the gorgeous Playboy and Maxim model sporadic weird e-mails and text messages and then he began sending her x-rated photos of himself.

According to Deadspin, she still has all of the evidence on her computer but was very hesitant to go public with the story. So far she has only shared the x-rated pics with close friends, for a laugh, at parties. It is a good bet they will be all over the Internet before long.

Sterger gained fame when Brent Musburger picked her out of a crowd at a Florida State Game. She currently works as a sports reporter on the Versus network show The Daily Line – see video below.

This is the stuff that has the potential to end marriages. The veteran NFL player and his wife Deanna Favre have two daughters, and one grandchild – family pics here.

Dare we suggest that the resemblance between Deanna and Sterger is quite remarkable, as seen in our gallery below:

Photos: WENN, PicApp