Dick Wolf Announcement: 'Law and Order' is History

The creator of the long running hit show Law and Order is crushing dreams everywhere with his latest announcement: "I can confirm that it has moved into the history books, we exhausted every effort."

Law and Order ran for 20 seasons on NBC and after it was canceled, it was rumored that other networks were interested in picking up the show.  Fans of the show found some solace, believing the show would run in syndication.  It is evident now that deals with other networks, including TNT and A&E, did not materialize.

As to why the network cut the show, Dick Wolf expressed, "There are so many factors that entered into the network's decision. Everything in life is a negotiation. In 25 years on air at NBC, we never failed to make a deal when there was a deal to be made.  I got a call like any other cancellation call.  Everything in TV is a death sentence."

Though the show's creator is sad to see it end, he has his hands full preparing for Law and Order: Los Angeles,  starring actors Alfred Molina and Terrence Howard.