What Your Favorite Celebs are 'Tweeting' August 1, 2010

kat von dee

Kat Von D: "So stoked to run into this gal on the streets of London.  Made me blush." (photo above)

Rev Run: "If u don't take care of urself first, u won't have strength to take care of others."

Lisa Rinna: "Off to the Regatta - swimming, diving, canoeing and log rolling competition pics to come."

jenny mccarthy photo

Jenny McCarthy: "They say green makes you horny.  I think blue did it tonight."

John Mayer: "I just woke up from a dream about drinking water.  When you get to live your dreams, your actual dreams are boring as shit."

Jason Kennedy: "Growing up my dad told me when the ice cream truck drives by with it's music on it meant he's out of ice cream."

Sarah Silverman: "I'm unable to explain what I mean by this but Leonardo DiCaprio has tuna face."

Hugh Hefner: "This has been a truly memorable month with the release of the documentary & media attention across the country.  My love to all."

Brad Paisley: "Tonight, my love affair with water is stronger than ever.  And so is the one with West Virginia."

Dane Cook: "The truth eventually moves the lies out of the way."