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It’s amazing what reality TV can do. A year ago no one knew who Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi was and now she has been given her own day! MTV has declared today, July 28th, ‘International Snooki Day’.

According to MTV, it is a day to celebrate the tiny lovable self-proclaimed “guidette”, who stole hearts with her bubbly personality, 60’s throwback hairstyle, and overall willingness to embarrass herself on the hit show Jersey Shore.

So how exactly do we celebrate Snooki Day? MTV is urging fans to do things “Snooki-like”. That of course would include getting a spray tan and adding her signature pouf to your hairstyle repertoire. LOL!

Since the premiere of Jersey Shore, Snooki has become a pop culture phenomenon and it seems she will be sticking around for awhile. Season 2 kicks off on Thursday night and the cast is nearly done negotiating for Season 3.

Happy Snooki Day!

Snooki explains “guidos” and “guidettes” on the Wendy Williams Show below: