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Angelina Jolie is making the press rounds to promote her new movie “Salt”, set to release in theater’s on July 23. She sat down for an interview with MTV, where she talked about her upcoming film project “Cleopatra”, and acknowledged that she has a new tattoo.

Regarding her role as the Egyptian queen, the actress said: “I think if we can get the story right, and do the real story, there’s a lot about her that’s never been covered yet. So if we can do something original, we will.”

The actress was pretty tight-lipped about what the tattoo on her inner thigh says, but did admit that it was for her partner Brad Pitt. Photos actually appear in the August issue of Vanity Fair – with a sneak peek in our photo gallery and the videos below.

Speaking of Brad Pitt, he has spiffed up his appearance for his new film role in “Moneyball”. Check out his new shaved and shorn look here.

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