Circle Contact Lenses Before and After (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

circle contact lenses before and after

Lady Gaga was the first to have the doe-eyed look in her "Bad Romance" video.  Now it has become a craze that is causing grave concern among U.S. eye care professionals.

The over-sized colored circle contact lenses are being sold online for $20 to $30, reportedly from Asia.  They can be purchased in a variety of vibrant colors in prescription strength or with color only and no correction.  The phenomenon started in Japan, Singapore and South Korea, but they have now hit American high schools and college campuses.

In the U.S., the sale of all contact lenses is governed by the Food and Drug Administration.  Prescriptions must be verified with the eye doctor who writes the order.  Not so for numerous Internet websites selling circle lenses.  Overseas online vendors are reportedly dispensing the contacts with virtually no questions asked, allowing customers to choose the strength of their lenses without verification.

In the U.S., the process begins with an eye examination that looks at corneal healthy, ocular allergies, and dry eyes.  The parameters specified in a contact lens prescription may include: material, base curve radius, diameter, power, cylinder axis, center thickness, and brand.

Karen Riley, a spokeswoman for the FDA said, "Consumers risk significant eye injuries -- even blindness when they buy contact lenses without a valid prescription or help from an eye professional."

Dr. S. Barry Eiden of the American Optometric Association, warned: "Ill-fitting contact lenses could deprive the eye of oxygen and cause serious vision problems."  Simply put -- Buyer Beware!!

One YouTube video, that has nearly 10 million views, shows how to replicate the look of Lady Gaga from her "Bad Romance" video.  The application of makeup is really quite entertaining.  Scroll to 6:00 on the slider to see the application of the Circle Contact Lenses:

Photos:  WENN, and Video Screenshots