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Paris Hilton and former Playboy Playmate Jennifer Rovero found themselves in a World Cup of trouble Friday in South Africa.

Hilton and Rovero were attending the Brazil vs. Netherlands FIFA World Cup quarterfinal match, when they were detained by Port Elizabeth police for possession of marijuana. Authorities questioned the two about allegations they were smoking pot in the stands.

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Rovero, 31, pleaded guilty, while Hilton was released.

Paris tweeted a message on Twitter, letting everyone know “everything is completely fine.”

Completely fine for her maybe, but Rovero faces a fine of her own or at least 30 days in jail for the incident.

In 2007, Hilton spent time in jail for violation of probation in an alcohol-related recklass driving charge, and Rovero penned an open letter to the media in defense of her friend.

Jennifer Rovero photos and letter to the media below:

Jennifer Rovero’s Open Letter to the Media:

I would like to address the media regarding one of my dearest friends, Paris Hilton. I have been by her side up until she turned herself over to authorities and the last 24 hours since being put on probation. I was also in the courtroom