Thomas Roberts NBC Anchor Co-Hosts 'The View' (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

thomas roberts co hosts the view

Thomas Roberts, 37-year-old television anchor for NBC and MSNBC, was a co-host on the ABC morning talk show The View today.  Topics included whether on not gays should be allowed to give blood, and whether laws should mandate that they wear condoms.

The news anchor came out as a gay man in September 2006 while speaking at the annual convention of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association in Miami.  He has been in a committed relationship with his partner, Patrick D. Abner, since 2000.

Roberts testify against former priest Jerome F. Toohey Jr. in 2005, alleging sexual abuse charges that occurred at Calvert Hall College High School.  The priest received a 5-year sentence and served only 10 months behind bars.

The anchor sat down in 2007 with Anderson Cooper on 360 to discuss the sexual abuse in a two-part segment titled "Sins of the Father".

Check out videos from The View and his "Sins of the Father" segment below:

Photos:  WENN