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Lady Gaga really let her hair down on Friday night while attending a Yankees game. The iconic singer, dressed in underwear and fishnet stockings that were plainly visible under her open front Mariano Rivera Yankees jersey, reportedly drank more than her share of Jameson Irish Whiskey and made quite a spectacle of herself during and after the team’s loss to the Mets.

After the game she headed to the team clubhouse to hobnob with the likes of Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and four other players. Her behind the scenes behavior was rumored to include groping her own breasts repeatedly during the 30-minutes that she and two girlfriends spent with team members.

The kicker is that part-owner Hal Steinbrenner informed Yankee Stadium execs that the songstress is banned from entering the clubhouse in the future.

It is the “Poker Face” celeb’s second recent baseball dust-up. She caused a scene at Citi Field on June 10, when she pitched a fit at her seat assignment, and was finally moved to the luxury box of Jerry Seinfeld.

Check out the July cover of Rolling Stone Gaga is sporting a skimpy black thong.

More Gaga baseball photos below:

Photos: PicApp