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We don’t know the secret of actor John Goodman‘s success but he appears to have shed a significant amount of weight in the past eight months, as evidenced by our before and after photo gallery.

Goodman, 58, was on hand last night for the American Film Institute salute to director Mike Nichols at Sony Pictures Studio. He was looking decidedly dapper in his well cut tux.

The veteran actor has been a television, film and stage mainstay for 35 years, perhaps best known for his role as Dan Conner on the television sitcom “Roseanne”. He appeared in numerous films by Joel and Ethan Coen, and replaced John Belushi in the popular Blues Brothers Band. He was the voice of Sully in the Disney Pixar film “Monster’s Inc.”, and had the lead role in the 1994 movie “The Flintstones”.

His latest films include “Thicker”, in pre-production, and “The Cross”, currently in production. He is also slated to be the voice of Paul Bunyan in “Bunyan and Babe” and will reprise his role as Sully in “Monsters, Inc. 2”.

Goodman has battled alcoholism for many years. In a 2009 interview he said, “I had a 30-year run, and at the end I didn’t care about anything. I was just fed up with myself. I didn’t even want to be an actor anymore. I could never please myself. That’s part of what fuels the alcoholic, I guess. But I can’t do that every night. I don’t have the energy anymore.” He stopped drinking in 2007.

Goodman has not come out with the details of his weight loss. The possibilities certainly include gastric bypass surgery, liposuction, diet and exercise, plastic surgery…or a combination of methods. In any case, he looks fantastic.

Check out the rest of our then and now comparison photos below:

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Photos: WENN; PicApp