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Lindsay Lohan will now feel the full wrath of Judge Marsha Revel, who has just issued a bench warrant for her arrest after it was determined that she violated the terms of her probation and bail.

LiLo’s previous bail, in the amount of $10,000 against a $100,000 bond, has been forfeited and new bail has been set at $200,000. According to the judge, there were 5 violations.

This doesn’t mean that Lohan will be jailed, but her representatives must post bail yet again, this time to the tune of $20K. The same bail bondsman, David Perez, arrived at the courthouse to post the new bail.

An emergency meeting in the judges chambers of the Beverly Hills Courthouse was convened this afternoon at 3 PM PT. Present, in addition to the judge, were Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, and Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers.

Lohan’s alcohol monitoring bracelet generated a report to SCRAM officials after the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, showing evidence of alcohol. Based upon the $10K she forfeited, plus the new $20K that has to be plunked down…those drinks the other night were cost prohibitive.

TMZ had reporters waiting outside the courtroom and did get a brief statement from attorney Holley: “The SCRAM bracelet indicated the presence of a small amount of alcohol on Sunday night. Having just received the report, I am not in a position to speak to its accuracy or validity, however, Ms. Lohan maintains that she has been in complete compliance with all of the terms of her probation and her bail.”

The next court hearing on the subject of probation violations has already been on the books for July 6.

One last interesting tidbit: Lindsay Lohan just ‘tweeted’, “I did not violate anything at all.”

View more photos and video of Lindsay at the MTV Movie Awards below:

Photos: WENN