American Idol Alumni: 2010 Status Update (PHOTOS)

american idol alumni 2010 status update

The past few days here in LA have been filled with Idols...both old and new!  I got a chance to sit down and talk to fifteen of our favorites from the past seasons and here is what they are up to!

Diana Degarmo:  Season 3 runner up is currently starring as Sheila in "Hair" on Broadway alongside another Idol alum Ace Young.   She encourages the Idol contestants to stand up for their creativity, and she is rooting for Crystal because she believes it's time for another lady to win.

Constantine Maroulis: Season 4 finalist is keeping himself busy with acting and touring.  He loves theater and currently stars in "Rock of Ages".  He has been nominated for many awards for his Thespian performances.

Elliot Yamin: Season 5 finalist  is currently back in the studio working on his music.  He wants to put together a holiday record and tour for the upcoming holiday season.

Taylor Hicks: Season 5 winner has created his own record company, released a book about his life, and now stars in "Grease" as Teen Angel.  He hopes to make some time in his busy schedule to go home and move all his stuff out of his parents basement, where it has been since he won Idol.

Blake Lewis: Season 6 runner up recently made Idol history when two of his songs made it to #1 on the dance charts.  He is really big in the underground dance world and is touring over in Europe where he has a big following.  He loves coming back to Idol because he misses the atmosphere.

Jordin Sparks: Season 6 winner has been listed as one of the most successful Idol success stories.  Girlfriend is doing big things musically and hopes to continue to do so for many years.  When she walks into the room she is instantly the center of attention and is such a sweet girl.

Kristi Lee Cook: Season 7 finalist and country girl is still all about horses.  She owns thirteen of them, including two babies.  She is currently the star of her own reality TV show "Goin Country with Kristi Lee".  The show follows her career as well as her hunting adventures.

Brooke White: Season 7 finalist has been keeping herself busy since her stint on AI.  Brooke is currently working as a TV Guide Idol Specials host.  She is super nervous about the new gig, but also excited.  Music continues to be her first love.

Anoop Desai: Season 8 finalist has recently finished an album titled "All is Fair" and is very proud that he wrote six of the eight songs. Anoop is very excited about his album!

Michael Sarver: Season 8 finalist is doing extremely well for himself post-Idol.  He has signed a three-album deal with Universal and his first album will be released on July 27th.  He is interested in doing TV later on, but is focused on his music for now.

Megan Joy: Season 8 finalist has made a huge change since last year.  She chopped off her extremely long straight hair and now has a tiny curly Afro.  Megan is excited to continue down the path of music.  She has 25 finished songs and continues to be an awesome parent. You can check her out in the upcoming film "Hall Pass" with Owen Wilson.

Matt Giraud: Season 8 finalist is currently working for Oreo, the cookie folks, writing and singing jingles.  He is pursuing a career in music.  He is in the studio getting ready to release an album.  Matt weighed in on the whole Simon leaving American Idol issue, and he believes that Harry Connick Jr. could be a good replacement.

Scott Macintyre: Season 8 finalist has a new album titled "Heart Strings".  He is touring in Japan and Tokyo and really loves coming back to American Idol because he loves giving advice to the current contestants.

David Archuleta: Season 8 runner up is making hits and touring.  He loves talking to people and being back for the American Idol finale.  He has been very successful since last season.

Kris Allen: Season 9 winner and reigning American Idol until tonight!  Kris is currently singing hits and touring.  As last year's Idol champ, he will be kept busy for a long time.

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Photos:  Danni Starr - Bitten and Bound